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RV and Motorhome Servicing & Maintenance

Our service centre offers everything you need to keep your American Motorhome on the road from annual motorhome servicing and MOTs to repairs and customisation. Listed below are some of the most commonly carried out services, but we can do pretty much anything you need so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have some specific work or servicing you need doing to your RV.

Mechanical Work, Motorhome Servicing and MOT

Our workshop is bursting with specialist equipment and expertise allowing us to offer a wide range of services from basic motorhome servicing right through to major bodywork repairs or LPG conversions.

We have 3 levels of servicing options

  1. Oil & Filter change plus a full lubricant and coolant level check (from £199 + VAT)
  2. Everything in Level 1 plus fuel filters and lubricate chassis and we can change the air filter if required (from £359 + VAT)
  3. Everything in Level 2 plus checks on brakes, tyre pressures and torque wheel nuts (from £599 + VAT)

Please note that items like air filter, coolant filter, hydraulic filter, air dryer are not included in the above costs but can be added if required.

Remember that if you want to drop off your motorhome with us for its MOT and mechanical service, we can usually carry out other jobs at the same time such as its Annual Habitation Service to save you visiting us any more than is necessary – although we love to see you and will ensure you’re well looked after in our hospitality area regardless how many times you visit! We can also collect and return the vehicle as an extra should you wish, just contact us to book an MOT or motorhome servicing.

American RV & motorhome servicing

Annual Habitation Service – Motorhome Servicing

A must have for your motorhome. We follow the National Caravan Council recommended Habitation Service as well as specific manufacturer guidelines. The service can take up to 5 hours and thoroughly checks the living area of your motorhome.

The gas, water and electrical systems are all checked using specialist equipment. All locks are inspected, tested and lubricated. Blinds, windows, roof lights are opened, checked and adjusted where necessary. The underbody and chassis mountings are checked. We also carry out fire safety and security checks. Damp tests on bodywork are checked during your annual habitation service too.

Winter Hibernation Package (mini winter service)

If it is time to put your motorhome away for the winter our hibernation package ensures that all the necessary checks are done to ensure your motorhome is fully equipped to get through the winter months unscathed.

So if you want peace of mind that your RV will winter safely we will do a damp check, drain the water system for frost protection, check the tyre pressures, refresh the antifreeze, check/replace the engine lubricants, grease the locks and catches, essentially anything your pride and joy needs to be in tip top shape for the winter.

A copy of our Annual Habitation Service schedule can be provided on request and prices start at £299 + VAT. Contact us to book a service.

Romano LPG Conversions

Romano LPG Approved Centre
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is up to 50% cheaper than petrol and LPG converted vehicles produce up to 82% less nitrogen oxide and a substantially reduced CO2 emissions too – so it is good for both your wallet and the planet. If that was not reason enough to convert,  it also reduces engine wear and LPG tanks survive collisions better than their petrol rivals, so they make your RV safer too.

Naturally all our technicians are all fully trained and qualified to carry out Romano LPG installations and BS Autogas Installations (BS12979:2002) and we only install Romano LPG control systems, with tanks manufactured by Stako, and our V10 conversions are carried out using a bespoke control unit rather than combining 2 x 5 cylinder units.

We can offer very competitive LPG conversions for all petrol vehicles, just contact us for more details or a quote about installations, conversions and general motorhome servicing.

motorhome repair American RV & motorhome servicing

Repair & Refurbishment

Bodywork Repair

Had an accident or collision in your winnebago? If it is just a little knock, we can repair or replace damaged side skirting, rear bumpers, lights, wing mirrors, window seals, roof vents and roof lights. If it is a little more serious our fully equipped insurance-approved workshop and skilled staff can also repair large and small panels.

Interior Refurbishment

If your RV is looking a bit sorry for itself or you are selling your motorhome and want it to look fresh and new, we can re-carpet and re-upholster in both leather and leather cloth, a service that can often pay for itself easily by the additional money you can get for your RV – the effect is that great!

Whether your motorhome needs interior or exterior repair or refurbishment contact us for a competitive quote and return your motorhome to its former glory.

motorhome electrical work

Electrical Specialists

Alongside our highly qualified mechanics and engineers, our electrical specialists are fully conversant with all the electrical safety tests and maintenance work that your RV needs, including repairing, servicing and installing generators.

They are also well versed in how all those wires, cables and associated gadgetry in your RV work, so modifications including new circuits, additional sockets, external power take-offs and inverter installations are a walk in the park for them.

240v and 12v Conversions

We also offer a full USA to UK conversion service for American spec RVs and we can do all the work to convert your motorhome to UK specification in-house. Naturally all this electrical work is carried out by our qualified electrical engineers to meet the IEE BS7671:2008 requirements for electrical installations.

Conversions fall into two broad areas – Road Lighting and House Electrical – and usually takes about 1 working week to complete.

Road Lighting

There are several differences between UK and US regulations for exterior lighting and also converting it to drive on the opposite side of the road. These are:

  • US vehicles do not have a separate rear light and indicator, they usually have rear indicators combined with the brake lights so they flash red. We can modify your motorhome to add the separate amber indicator as required by UK and EU law.
  • There are also differing standards for front side lights and indicators that may need modification and side-marker indicator lights may have to be added.
  • Finally the headlight beam may need adjusting to drive on the other side of the road and a rear fog light will need to be added if not already installed.

House Electrical

US appliances run on either 12V (usually just the Lighting) or 110V (for the appliances such as the Microwave, TV etc.) and for this reason they are manufactured with a 110V hookup and naturally, US style sockets.

To convert your vehicle over so that you can use UK appliances we typically need to

  • Replace the 110V hookup with a 230V hookup.
  • Replace US style sockets with UK style.
  • Adapt the 110V generator produce 230V at all outlets.

We can offer very competitive electrical conversions on American RVs, just contact us for more details or a quote.


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