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Want a Location Vehicle for Your Production?

Location Vehicle Hire

Whether you need to rent a location vehicle for one day, two weeks or longer, we have a motorhome to suit you. At Hire Winnebago we’re proud to provide production vehicle services to the UK’s film, advertising, TV, music and photographic industries. Call us on 01761 300489 or email us for details.

We have a range of vehicle types to suit every requirement, including honey wagons, hostility vehicles, wardrobe trucks and dining vehicles. Facilities include lighted make-up stations, private dressing rooms and bathrooms, and separate bedrooms for your stars and crew to get some rest. Our vehicles come equipped with all modern conveniences, including air conditioning, Sky TV, kitchens, Internet and state-of-the-art sound systems.

We are committed to providing the UK’s most reliable, flexible and knowledgable motorhome rental service. You can depend on us to deliver clean, well-maintained production vehicles and motorhomes, and to provide as much support on site as you require. We have discreet, courteous, safe drivers available on request, or we can have a production vehicle delivered to your location.

Location Vehicle Rental


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