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Glastonbury festival motorhome hire

To Hire a Motorhome for Glastonbury 2013 Look No Further! 

Glastonbury tickets went on sale last weekend so if you’e researching Glastonbury festival motorhome hire then you’re in the right place!

Accommodation near Glastonbury can be hard to find and, let’s face it, can also be pretty unpleasant. Squeezing into a crowded campsite is ok for the youngsters but, when you get a little longer in the tooth, you start to crave a bit more comfort (well, I do anyway!). For Glastonbury Festival in particular, it’s hard to book accommodation years in advance, as – unless you’re playing a set or have someone on the inside – you can never be certain you’ll get tickets! It’s not an area that’s blessed with hundreds of luxury hotels either.


But what are the alternatives? Well, for those willing to try something different, we can deliver and set up a fully functioning, luxury American RV in one of the neighbouring fields or campsites. Our motorhomes come fully powered, they have a fridge, running water, hot showers – even television and DVDs (you never know when the weather might turn nasty – it is Glastonbury after all)!

Glastonbury festival motorhome hire is painless!

All of our vehicles are delivered to the venue and set up prior to our customers arriving. We provide a welcome kit with complimentary tea, coffee, sugar, milk, bread, wine, beer and water or, if you want more, we can do a full shop on your behalf and have the cupboards full ready for your arrival.

Each of our units comes equipped with bedding, towels, kitchen essentials, TV/DVD systems, outside table and chairs, outside canopies… even outside kitchens and TVs. All you need to bring are yourselves, clothes and don’t forget your all-important Glastonbury tickets!!

Our crew will be on hand to assist you at any time of the day or night, so you can simply relax and enjoy the show(s)! We still have some RVs available. To make an enquiry, drop us an email.

Or visit our festival motorhome page to see what other music festivals we attend.

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